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What's lurking in your carpet?

We do our best to keep our carpets and floors clean. Some of us even have the discipline of removing our shoes upon entering our homes (definitely not my family). We vacuum a couple times per week and put down powdered deodorizers and then vacuum some more. We try and catch spot/spills/accidents quickly with Resolve carpet spray... All of these things (except maybe the Resolve) are good, but simply put . . . they're not enough. You see, our shoes track in dirt from the outside and our bare feet . . . well, they release smelly oils into the carpets. These oils catch and hold dirt. They also catch dust and allergens that eventually sink down into the carpet fibers. Vacuuming is great at getting rid of surface dirt but when it comes to the oils and the stuff hidden below, that old Oreck just won't cut it. You may need a booster to help cut the dirt and oil, but most importantly, you need more powerful suction, stronger pressure, and high heat to break down those oils/dirt so that they can be sucked away. That's where we come in!

Most folks say to get your carpets professionally steam-cleaned 3 times a year, but come on... who actually does that? I recommend once per year unless there's a carpet emergency--new or old dogs, kids, in-laws.

Now for some examples pulled from local carpets I've recently cleaned...

Simply Clean Carpets - carpet cleaning service
Simply Clean Carpets - carpet cleaning service
Simply Clean Carpets - carpet cleaning service

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