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Why to consider grout sealing

Grout--especially light grout--is susceptible to life and what life brings, be it those precious little muddy feet, juice spills, doggy accidents, dirty mop water. Grout is porous which means it soaks in things that it comes into contact with, the more porous it is (which varies), the deeper things soak in. Over time, that light-colored beautiful, bright grout can become unrecognizable, grimy and dark, and full of unsavory things like germs and oils--the things nightmares are made of. Not to mention, odors from those dog and cat accidents are no exception--grout soaks those up just as well. Definitely not a pleasant smell...

Professional tile and grout cleaner. Tile and grout cleaning service.
Dirty grout

Tile and grout cleaner. Tile and grout cleaning service.
Professionally cleaned grout

So how do you keep that from happening, you ask?

Simple: You seal it!

A clear grout seal is an inexpensive way to place a barrier between grout and the spills and dirt from the outside world. This barrier keeps those accidents from soaking into the grout, keeping that dirt and oil on the surface where it can be wiped away during your next cleaning. There are many sealant options to choose from. I prefer less toxicity when it comes to chemicals, so I prefer using a water-based grout that cures fast; no one wants to stay off of their floors for an entire day! It's also safe for natural stone, leaves behind little-to-no residue, and lasts up to 10 years.

If your grout is dirty, you'll obviously want to have it professionally cleaned first before sealing. But once it is cleaned and sealed, mopping or a simple steaming from time to time should keep it looking like the bright, beautiful grout you once loved--not those dark, dingy lines you've grown to hate. For all your professional tile and grout cleaning and grout sealing needs, call 830-822-3588 for a free estimate!


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