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What's hiding in your upholstery?

Oftentimes, we only think about our carpets getting dirty and needing to be cleaned, which they do. But don't forget about upholstery. We come home from a long day at work and where's the first place we plop down? Usually a couch or recliner in the living room. Over months and months and sometimes years, the upholstery we rely on to relax can soak up POUNDS of our sweat, grime, and dead skin which creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Sounds yummy, right? Throw in that old dog or cat who may roll around outside, on the floor, and then rubs all over that sofa or recliner... Even yummier, right? Ok. Enough gross talk. In addition to all that, seasonal allergens love to dig their itchy, aggravating spores and pollens into the fabric, just as they do into carpets, and your air filters. We can't clean those filters so we change them. But the good thing about upholstery is: most can be cleaned! If you think it's time to freshen up your upholstery or if you just want piece of mind, knowing your sofa is no longer harboring yucky stuff, we'd love to help. Call 830-822-3588 today for free estimates.

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