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Complete Odor Removal

Whether it be stubborn pet odors, cigarette smoke odors, or just that old "musky" smell you can't seem to get rid of, Simply Clean Carpets can help you get your home smelling fresh again, ready for you to enjoy it or to list on the market!

We attack the odors from multiple fronts starting with a deep steam clean of the carpets, using the strongest (and safest) odor removal products on the market, and ending with our Ozone treatment that disintegrates those odors embedded in the walls, ceiling, overall air environment.

Ozone air treatment is a set $175 (may increase with distance).

Carpet is priced by room, hallway, stairway.

odor removal.jpg

pet odor removal

odor removal

smoke removal

smoke odor removal

cigarette smoke removal

cigarette odor removal

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