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Mattress Cleaning & Why?

Mattress Cleaning Service

There's a reason we clean our sheets (or at least attempt to) weekly... It's because lying in one spot for eight hours at a time under covers, sweating (along with other things), creates quite the breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, etc.. Cleaning your sheets is easy. Throw them in the washing machine with hot water and your favorite scent of detergent and viola!

But what about your mattress?

Did you know that the average human sweats over half a liter of sweat per night and over 200 liters per year? Did you know that the average human loses 12,000,000 dead skin cells per night and between one and four pounds of dead skin per year? This yucky stuff ends up embedded in your mattress, creating the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, allergens, and dust mites.

That's why we recommend having your mattress professionally steam-cleaned once per year at minimum. Tired of sleeping on a not-so-fresh mattress? Let Simply Clean Carpets be your go-to professional mattress cleaner. The combination of high heat, along with high pressure, powerful suction, and our new Shockwave hospital-grade Sanitizing Treatment that kills over 140 dangerous pathogens, molds, bacteria, viruses will leave that mattress clean, disinfected, and sanitized, and leave you with a little piece of mind.

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