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We--like you--are doing our best to stay safe and to keep those around us safe. We've implemented a few additional steps to our daily routine but can assure you our top-notch customer service remains. 

Additional Cleaning Services Offered - Shockwave Treatment

Now, beyond our high-heat steam cleaning and severe odor removal, we are offering

hospital-grade sanitizing/disinfecting. Our EPA registered sanitizing Shockwave Treatment kills over 130 organisms including infectious pathogens like COVID-19, HIV, Hepatitis-B as well as dangerous molds and microbiol organisms.

*Shockwave Treatment is priced by room/area needing treatment - $15 per room/area - added onto standard steam cleaning rate.

If your floors need hospital-grade disinfecting or you just need piece of mind, call Simply Clean Carpets at 830-822-3588 to ask about our new "Shockwave" treatment and to schedule.

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